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Associated Air Balance Council (AABC)

AABC establishes industry standards for the field measurement and documentation of HVAC systems and provides education, technical training, and certification for its members. The association's mission is to identify highly qualified, independent test and balance agencies who are capable of performing work to AABC Standards.

As the complexity of HVAC systems began to increase in the 1960s, a small group of engineers founded the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) as a non-profit association in 1965. Early on, they recognized the need for independence and stringent membership requirements to ensure objectivity, integrity, and technical expertise, and they made these the guiding principles of the association. AABC also developed the first comprehensive industry standards for test and balance. 

Independence is the cornerstone of AABC. Members are strictly prohibited from having any affiliations with mechanical contractors, design engineers, or equipment manufacturers. This policy prevents any potential conflicts of interest and ensures that all members provide engineers and building owners with professional, unbiased test and balance services.

All projects completed by AABC members are covered by the National Performance Guaranty, providing assurance that your project will be completed in accordance with the AABC National Standards and/or the project specifications.

The Quality Assurance Program is an important tool for AABC to monitor the performance of its members, and to quickly resolve disputes or, most often, miscommunications.  The Quality Assurance Program works as follows:

  • AABC requires that for all projects, members submit copies of the National Performance Guaranty to the association‘s headquarters.
  • AABC then sends a brief evaluation form by mail or email to the engineer of record on the project.
  • More than 99% of all evaluations returned by engineers are marked "satisfied."
  • For those returned marked "not satisfied," the feedback is immediately communicated to the member firm, which is required to address the issue with the engineer and inform AABC of the resolution.

To be an AABC Certified Member Agency a company must be approved for AABC membership by the Board of Directors and have at least one (1) individual of the company successfully pass the Test and Balance Engineer (TBE) exam.

All AABC member agencies must have at least one certified TBE on staff. The TBE is ultimately responsible for overseeing technical operations of the company; reviewing and certifying test and balance reports; and providing supervision and training of technicians. To be eligible for certification as a TBE, the applying individual must have a minimum of eight (8) years test and balance experience. Applicants with engineering degrees will receive four (4) years credit toward the experience requirement.  The TBE examination is a rigorous, 8-hour written examination that tests applicants' knowledge and technical competence in air and water balance, sound and vibration testing, fan and pump laws, instrumentation and psychometrics.  Candidates who pass the examination are issued a TBE certification number and Annual Certificate.  Certification is renewable on an annual basis, and is only valid while employed by an AABC member agency.

AABC requires that all eligible technicians employed by member agencies be certified AABC Test and Balance Technicians. Eligible technicians are defined as those with a minimum of three (3) years test and balance experience who have been employed by an AABC agency for the past 12 months.  In addition, technicians must be competent in air, water, sound, and vibration testing. Technicians must also be able to perform all work in accordance with the AABC National Standards. The final requirement for certification is that technicians pass the required examination.  Technicians who receive a passing score on the certification examination are issued a Technician certification number and an Annual Certificate. Technician certification is renewable on an annual basis, and is only valid while employed by an AABC member firm.  Candidates for technician certification undergo intensive field training in addition to classroom instruction. Each AABC member agency is responsible for the administration of in-house training programs for their employees.  

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