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The SMB TAB Process

The following TAB process for a project is the approach/method utilized by Systems Management and Balancing, Inc.  This process is used to help promote a team approach and atmosphere amongst the project team (owner, designers and constructors), open the lines of communication and help the owner obtain a facility that meets design intent.  We believe that this process is one of the main factors that differentiates Systems Management and Balancing, Inc. from the competition; it allows our team members to apply HVAC system knowledge for the benefit of the complete project team.


Obtain project drawings, specifications, and approved HVAC submittals.  Review the contract documents and approved submittals to verify system functionality and accessibility.  This review process includes developing the TAB Layout.  The TAB Layout includes highlighting the HVAC drawings by systems and completing the required TAB forms that will be utilized on the project during the TAB field work.  In addition to applying HVAC system and project construction knowledge, common sense is employed to make sure overall project goals, owner’s project requirements, and the design intent are not overlooked.  Too often the simplistic approach is overlooked and additional cost and time are incurred on the project that does not benefit the project or owner.

Review the project TAB requirements and estimate and develop a TAB project schedule.  The schedule information could include project phasing requirements and access issues to the HVAC components and systems.  If the project incorporates phasing, then a review of the HVAC systems and how they serve the phased areas is required.  Very seldom does the HVAC system match the phasing of a project.  Access to HVAC components and systems in Auditoriums, Natatoriums, spaces with secure ceilings, etc requires coordination and review.  Access to the HVAC components and systems needs to be provided when the HVAC system is complete and operational.  As an example; the scaffolding is removed or the ceilings are finished before the HVAC system is put into operation.


Review and maintain status of the project schedule and actual construction progress.  This includes updating the TAB layout with any project changes that have occurred and any required jobsite inspections.  Coordinate TAB requirements with the project team to help optimize the TAB field work start date.


Once the HVAC system or systems are 100% installed and operational (review TAB Check List) the TAB field work can commence.  During the TAB field work the HVAC systems are tested, balanced and documented in the TAB Layout.  Issues encountered during the TAB field work will be reported to the appropriate parties on the TAB Project Completion List via field copy and/or email.


Once the TAB field work is completed the TAB field data will be reviewed by our in house engineer or project manager.  This review process is the Quality Control process for Systems Management and Balancing, Inc.  The data is reviewed with the project design documents and project approved submittals to verify data compliance and that the testing methods used to obtain the data utilized the correct system approach.  Any concerns or issues are reviewed with the project technician and corrections or additional project notes are added for data clarification. Once the field report is approved internally, the report is prepared for publication


Once the TAB report is received by the Design Professional, Systems Management and Balancing, Inc. encourages the Design Professional and Owner to contact Systems Management and Balancing, Inc. for questions and concerns developed during the Design Professionals’ review process.  This allows for a better understanding of the data presented and verification that the Design Professionals’ requirements and owners’ requirements are met.  Many times the HVAC systems on a project do not meet design performance requirements.  Whether it is a single outlet not obtaining design airflow or a pump not obtaining design water flow, the TAB report provides the documentation of the current system performance.  The goal of the TAB report is to indicate system performance including deficiencies.  If required, the TAB report will include notes or additional data to assist the design professional to determine if the deficiencies require remediation or if the deficiencies do not prevent the HVAC system from meeting the overall design intent.  The “100% Pristine” TAB report is a rare commodity and should be utilized with caution.

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